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LATEX VEST REDUCER is a fabulous garment designed by PINK SHAPER to help women lose weight, and shape the figure. Made from top special quality latex, this products strength and durability is guaranteed to get the desired results.

The high compression of the latex on the torso increases the body temperature, which stimulates the accelerated flush of toxins, reducing the waist and abdomen size. This garment helps the user reduce several clothes sizes, allowing the woman to wear clothes she couldn’t fit in before, and looking better than ever.

With frequent use of the garment, important improvements in posture are also achieved, reducing the pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle or running around all day. The straps offer that extra support you need.

All the beauty and health benefits of LATEX VEST REDUCER are now within your reach.

  • Helps to get a firm and flat abdomen
  • Its high back design allows greater coverage and control
  • Improves your figure and corrects your posture