ABDO CONTROL - for her

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ABDO CONTROL is a garment designed to provide full support to the back, while also reducing several inches off your waist. The best thing about ABDO CONTROL is how comfortable it is to wear.

This product is made with Power Net, an intelligent fabric that provides support, control, and protection for your back while reducing inches off your waist. It self-adjusts to the body, while guaranteeing the firmness and protection to the back and abdomen muscles.

With ABDO CONTROL it’s possible to recover the abdominal firmness most women lose within time, bringing an inconvenient flaccidity to the tissues. Wearing this garment, you can enjoy all the immediate benefits, plus reduce two sizes to your reshaped figure without pain or fatigue.

  • Reinforces lower back, straightens posture
  • Helps reduce the discomfort of menstrual cramps, and provides a slimmer figure
  • It promotes abdominal firmness