ABDO CONTROL - for him

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For men interested in improving their posture, ABDO CONTROL is made with Power Net, an intelligent fabric that provides support, control, while reducing inches off your waist making the appearance of a flat abdomen without altering the natural figure of the bust. It is comfortable and gives you a feeling of firmness and security.

Besides aesthetic considerations, ABDO CONTROL helps to greatly improve the posture, providing support and protection to your back. The reinforced double cross and double bands on the lower region of the thorax are elements that make possible a firmer, more athletic posture.

This product is a garment designed and reinforced with top-notch materials that provide support to the muscle mass in the abdominal area, resulting in a stronger and more defined appearance. Looking better and losing weight during the process.

  • Improves your posture, and the appearance of the muscles of the abdomen
  • Improves the function of internal organs
  • Comfortable and discreet