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POST PARTUM is designed to provide abdominal support and protection to women after the childbirth experience along with other benefits. It is ideal for both, natural and caesarean delivery.

This product helps the body flush the fluids accumulated during pregnancy. Also, its regular use eases and accelerates the recovery of the uterus and the many other organs affected during the birth process.

POST PARTUM provides protection during the day, helping to prevent potential bleeding, supporting the back, and protecting vulnerable muscles and tissue engaged while carrying the baby and other daily activities.

Made with Power Net and antimycotic fabrics, it allows you to transpire and at the same time prevents bacteria from producing. The design’s firmness and composition of the Power Net fabric along with the adjustable side belts, allows the user to display a more slender figure and supple skin.

  • Helps you regain your uterus regular size while you lose weight
  • Provides support to abdomen and back muscles
  • Helps reposition your body organs after childbirth, helps prevent possible bleeding and provides protection when you move
  • Promotes elimination of fluids after childbirth